Women's Six Nations Superhero Sizzle

Creating super content to bring rugby heroes to life.

Because with great skill comes a great nickname

When Women's Six Nations came to us to promote the 2021 competition, our challenge was to create punchy content while in lockdown. Taking inspiration from the players nicknames, we created a series of superhero sketches. The mysterious voice of Six Nations, played by rugby commentator, Nick Heath, then assembled the nation's superheroes to battle it out.

Winner of the Production Music Awards' Best Use of Production Music in a Sports Promo and the Music and Sound Awards' Best Use of Production Music.

Launch Trailer

The How Now team are a creative, energetic, barrel of can-doers! Love their work, and working with them!
Sarah Beattie, Chief Marketing Officer, Six Nations Rugby

Putting digital pencils to paper

Whilst there weren't any superhero villains to overthrow, there were some lockdown challenges to overcome. We started by getting pencil to paper and creating a look for each superhero.

With help from illustration artist Ashwin Kumar and taking inspiration from Marvel, we added layers of texture to the artworks including metallics, lycra and kevlar, leaning on colour accents pulled from the nations' flags.

We used Zoom to conduct interviews with the players to record the voiceover and cut away shots. It also came in handy to record the wrong side of the conversation. How Now side (Creative, Jack Glister and Executive Creative Director, Phil Bolger) didn't make the cut.

Over 200,000 views across social media

The campaign was delivered across all social platforms and included a Hero Launch Trailer, Player 'Top Trumps' Cards, Instagram Stories and cut downs. The campaign was also picked up by BBC and televised on Finals Super Saturday.

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