Built for broadcast,
super for streaming

4K HDR portable production unit, fully loaded, ready for stream, record, or live.

How Now offers 4K HDR or HD, broadcast, live streaming, and event recording in a portable unit. In addition to our post-produced content, we can now offer our partners a one-stop solution for live and recorded events and shows.

We arrive with EVERYTHING. From the 4K or HD cameras to the streaming kit that sends your feed LIVE, this is a truly all-in-one solution.

A producer's dream

We've built our system to arrive fully loaded with everything needed for live broadcast or streaming - all inclusive, competitively priced, with one easy invoice.

Easy on the budget

High-end production value doesn't need to mean big budget. We've built How Now Live to broadcast spec, with all the toys you'd expect of high-end TV production, at a price point suited to streaming.

Quality as standard

We've always belived that quality isn't negotiable. Your production is the single-most important factor in our relationship with you. Our kit, our expertise, and our creative vision are your tools for broadcast and steaming success.

Back ups, always on

Built with back ups on every critical path, our system ensurs we stay on-air if tech goes down. Our power rack can provide 8 minutes of battery power to fully supply the OB, should venue power go offline, whilst our 4-6 SIM bonded cellular uplink provides seamless quality of service.

If you're a broadcaster or production company needing an OB, or a business planning a live streamed event - talk to us today and receive our competitively priced rate card.

It's a tidy package

The system deploys with everything needed for a live panel show, news OB, streamed event, or even a video podcast. Remove the headache of multiple suppliers and endless invoices because this comes as a complete package, so you can rely on having everything your production needs to go live.

We can scale up or down depending on your needs.

Everything your production needs for showtime

  • 6 4K/HDR/HD SMPTE fibre, fully racked cameras, including tripods
  • 17" prompter, including dedicated MacBook with remote control
  • 27" floor monitor with sound monitor (on wheels - very handy)
  • 17" floor monitor
  • 4 body radio mics
  • 2 handheld radio mics
  • 2 wired handheld mics
  • 2 shotgun mics
  • 2 radio IEM packs (presenter earpieces)
  • 2 wired IEM packs
  • 2 presenter iPads
  • 3 soft panel LED lights, bi-colour 3200-5600k
  • Talkback comms on every position
  • 6 talkback wireless belt-packs
  • 6 additional talkback desktop units

Our gallery can be set up anywhere

  • Engineering - includes fully racked RCP, camera CCU, dual monitoring for 4K HDR/UHD/HD, dedicated computer for config and network access to complete system, dedicated engineering talkback channel via dedicated comms talkback panel
  • Director/Vision Mixer - includes 2 M/E ATEM control panel, dual monitoring for multiviews, dedicated ATEM control panel computer, dedicated comms talkback panel
  • Sound - includes 32 channel mixing desk, dedicated computer for music, sfx, and audio routing via Dante, dedicated network MCR 2-way talkback via SIP softphone, dedicated comms talkback panel
  • I/O - includes 3 MacBook M1 Pro 32GB dedicated computers for inbound/ingest and/or VT playout and/or RGB graphics, remote matrix routing, Dante audio routing, dedicated streaming computer, dedicated comms talkback panel
  • 3 x Prod Pods (can be used for Production or client) - includes 24” 4K monitor with sound monitor, dedicated comms talkback panel

We've got your back... ups

Mission critical paths have built in redundancies

From standby battery power to alternatives for video and graphics playout, we've created a one-stop solution that puts your show centre stage, all of the time.

Our dedicated 4-6 SIM bonded cellular radome means we can simultaneously stream an ultra-low latency RTMP feed, as well as deliver dedicated line feeds to broadcast centres.

Should venue internet fail, our bonded cellular radome will automatically detect this and load balance the stream between the 4-6 SIMs.

Need a line feed to MCR? Done

Totally connected

Our SDI workflow is fully compatible with the latest third-party connectivity to any network MCR. We partner with existing suppliers of nationwide infrastructure, tapping into fibre tie-lines up and down the country. Or we can connect to remote uplink service providers as standard.

And with 2-way tech and production comms onboard, via a dedicated TBU, we're directly linked to your studio or presentation MCR - all at the touch of a button.

Digital comms, everywhere

Cutting-edge, digital comms at every workstation

We have the ability to configure multiple groups for department comms, individual comms, presenter IFBs, plus network MCR and presentation studio comms. In addition, the system comes with 6 wireless belt-packs for roaming members of the production team.

And, we can dial off-site clients or production staff into the comms system, via Zoom, Skype, or Teams.

The power is in our hands, for 8 minutes

Power to the PPU

Like all mission critical paths, our dedicated Power Rack will keep the show on-air should venue power fail. Our system will remain operational for a full 8 minutes whilst engineering troubleshoot the issue. Your show stays live, and audiences stay engaged.

We guarantee to better the competition on price

One tidy package, one tidy price

We take care of everything, so you can leave the hassle and resource of booking crew to us. We look forward to offering you the best How Now service. Get in touch to receive our rate card.

The tech-y stuff

As a totally portable production unit, we can deploy to record, stream, or go live from practically anywhere to everywhere, indoors or out. We don't require street permits or large parking spaces because we can set up our modular system in the smallest of spaces.

  • 20 vision inputs
  • 40x40 matrix routing SDI and NDI workflow
  • 2 M/E ATEM vison mixer
  • 6 4K HDR/UHD/HD fully racked, SMPTE fibre broadcast style cameras
  • 6 UHD/HD SSD digital recorders/players
  • Video package playout
  • Graphics playout
  • 2160p25, 2160p24, 2160p23.98, 2160p29.97
  • 1080p50, 1080i50, 1080p25 1080i25, 1080p24, 1080p23.98, 1080p29.97, 1080p59.94, 1080i59.94
  • 4:2:2 sampling
  • 10-bit colour
  • 8 minutes power redundancy via 3 x 2200kW UPS

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