NFL Game Pass

Taking touchdowns to the world.

Delivering a slick invite to the global NFL fanbase to “Be There”


From initial concept to multi territory broadcaster delivery, we produced an innovative and polished GFX-based creative that places the audience amongst the action, keeping the visceral emotion and athleticism of American Football front and centre.

The effectiveness of our campaign has contributed to a 22% increase in global subscriptions

Transcreated into four languages, delivered in over 30 countries

Our comprehensive process ensured we were able to transcreate the campaign in-house, from English to Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese for the Latin American markets, as well as into Japanese. TV admin is all taken care of in-house, so your assets are delivered to the broadcasters, on time, checked and marked with the correct copy rotations.

The NFL are super happy with these. How Now have captured the inherent excitement of the sport – letting ‘football sell football’.
Lauren Dodds, Production Manager, (formerly) Perform

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