My Rugby Life

Expressing the heartfelt histories behind big rugby names.

Proving the idiom 'every picture tells a story'

Women's Six Nations tasked How Now with providing enthralling visuals to underscore these stories. Using images found in family albums to facebook, from key moments in their rugby lives, we created dynamic content that let the player's voice shine through.

My Rugby Life: Kathryn Dane

Getting in touch with our emotions

A lot is at stake for these players: getting the chance to represent their country just means so much. We brought their passion and love for the game centre stage, even if it meant occasionally tearing up in the edit suite.

Connecting with new and old fans, over 100,000 times

These role models know how important it is for young people to see women succeeding at the highest level. It was our responsibility to convey this to the fans: elevating them to star status through their real life stories. Our content was viewed over 100,000 times during the tournament.

My Rugby Life: Jessy Trémoulière

Celebrating amazing talent and winning smiles

My Rugby Life: Shaunagh Brown

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