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How Now serve up the goods for Maccie D's

How Now have provided creative and production on a suite of live-action, animation, and 2D/3D motion graphic films, ranging from 40 seconds to 7 minutes, for the golden arches UK AGM events, in collaboration with Leo Burnett London.

How Now are absolute legends! Would stake my life on them. They're that good and that reliable in the face of all that's thrown at them! Amazing team.
Graeme Light, Head of TV, Leo Burnett London

Big bang openers (and closers)

We created several 'Sizzle Reels' - the perfect scene setters to kick proceedings off with a bang, or wrapping things up to go out on a high.

On location filming

Filmed at a real McDonald's restaurant, with real employees, How Now took command of the site for a whole day to capture two films. Whilst this short clip is from a 3 minute video we created, demonstrating the McDonald’s customer journey. Filmed in various locations across London, the piece combines live-action and 2D/3D motion graphics.


The beauty of child-like drawings in this film, enabled us to visualise a complex process with ease.

Take-out, in the bag

How Now's video content for McDonald's delivers high production value, an easy production process, and engaging creative ideas. Our expertly crafted content for the company’s AGM and C-suite meetings, draws upon many years of experience in conceiving, scripting, filming, editing, and producing.

Talk to Phil, How Now founder, about the power of video to engage your audience. 

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