Creating video from radio, all whilst 'live' on-air.

How Now have helped add 1.2 million listeners a week to LBC.

In 2015, Global appointed How Now to create a single VOD campaign. Four years later, we consider the success of LBC to be one of our proudest, ongoing relationships. We've ideated, produced, shot and delivered 30 plus TV, VOD, DOOH and print assets for the UK's go-to talk radio brand.

Case Study


Reactive VOD captured bite-sized moments and played out within hours of occurring ‘live’ on-air.


Bold and enticing ads that capture the essence of LBC...there’s no agency better equipped to do it than How Now.
Laura Hollis, Senior Marketing Manager, Global

The work delivers an authentic point of view from presenters, contributors, and callers.

Our 360 campaigns have maximised media, across the UK.

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