Guinness Women's Six Nations

New title sponsor brand identity update.

How Now Creative redefines tradition: unveiling the new Guinness Women's Six Nations brand identity

In the dynamic world of sports branding, the visual representation of a tournament is crucial in capturing the essence and spirit of the event. Women's Six Nations recently underwent a transformation courtesy of the innovative design team at How Now Creative, who took on the challenge of redefining the brand identity, in response to new title sponsor Guinness coming onboard.

The evolution of tradition

Off the back of the hugely successful rebrand How Now Creative undertook to relaunch W6N, we recognised the importance of preserving this heritage while injecting a fresh feel into the brand. The team embarked on a journey to balance legacy with the modern, dynamic energy of women's rugby.

Logo within a logo

Central to the design is the reimagined ball motif at the heart of the logo. The rugby ball, a quintessential element in the sport, underwent a meticulous redesign to convey an increased sense of motion, and fluidity. Our designers skillfully integrated the ball into the W letterform, creating a seamless connection between brand and sponsor. Some have suggested a likeness to a pint of the good stuff, at the top of the ball, a symbolic representation perhaps that emphasises the unifying power of rugby and its ability to bring people together.

Tweaking the 'W' letterform

One of the most noticeable changes in the new Guinness Women's Six Nations logo is the tweaked W letterform. The design team carefully modified the existing letterform to achieve a harmonious blend of strength and elegance. Sharpening off the counters, creates a deliberate discordance with the rounded terminals. The subtle adjustments not only rejuvenate the form but also convey a greater sense of empowerment, perfectly aligning with the growing prominence of women's rugby.

Subtle changes to the colour palette

Colour plays a pivotal role in brand identity, evoking emotions and creating a lasting impression. How Now Creative took a thoughtful approach to the colour palette, introducing subtle changes that amplify the visual impact of the brand. While retaining the classic purple foundation, the team delivered brighter hues and highlights.

These hues serve multiple purposes. A more zingy purple symbolizes growth, vitality, and the ever-expanding reach of women's rugby. Primarily set against dark background colours infuses an element of prestige and celebration, elevating the overall aesthetic. The refined colour palette not only modernises the brand but also reflects the tournament's commitment to excellence and the celebration of female athletes.

Thoughtful design, dynamic evolution

As fans eagerly anticipate the upcoming tournament, the new brand identity stands as a vibrant symbol of inclusivity, empowerment, and its enduring legacy. The transformation of the Guinness Women's Six Nations brand identity by the How Now Creative design team is a testament to the power of thoughtful design in capturing the spirit of the tournament while ushering it into a new era, ensuring that the visual identity aligns with the dynamic evolution of women's rugby.

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