DAZN Global Rebrand

Creating a cohesively unified, distinctively disruptive sports identity.

A brand evolution for a sport revolution, with a distinctively bold, refreshingly redesigned identity, across Europe, The Americas, and Asia

How Now won the opportunity to develop DAZN's core branding. We evolved away from a rigid, cold, and inflexible identity, which quickly became inconsistent and unguided, to a more ownable and contemporary symbol of sport.

Collaborating with in-house marketing, product, and programming teams, How Now have comprehensively redesigned DAZN across every business channel. We’ve created a dynamically responsive system, capturing the essence of a challenger brand, shoulder to shoulder with the fans.

Case Study

2 million subscribers, in just one month

Our work has helped push the brand beyond target, and driven new subscription numbers.

How Now get it.
Johnny Devitt, CMO, DAZN

A developed identity, staying true to its forerunner

We were tasked with updating the brand, but all the while maintaining strong ties to the original. The logo was to remain, but its collegiate, masculine edge, gave way to more subtle, gender-neutral form.

A defining colour palette was born, drawn from the colours of sport. A heightened, more own-able palette explodes with a distinctive neon yellow as the lead, brand colour.

The typeface pairing allows the brand to slide from whisper to shout. And the motion language captures the chase, inspired by the physics of the field.

Rebranded across every business channel, unifying this fast-moving, global streaming service

A fully flexible design system, delivering an intuitive experience across multiple platforms

Converting crafted design into loyal fans

The rebrand has successfully transported DAZN into five new territories, pulling in over 2 million new subscribers within just one month, in a single territory alone - a direct impact of clear, concise design, effectively guiding consumer choice.

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