Choice Funeral Plans

Stan had a plan, Lenka went big, while Alan left it too late.

Meet Maureen and Brenda

How Now is proud to introduce our latest creation, rock solid friends and frequent funeral goers, Maureen and Brenda. The characters are the centrepiece of a nationwide campaign for planning product, Choice Funeral Plans, from Funeral Partners.

Weird or wonderful, the choices are all yours. Unless you leave it too late.

TV Ad 'The Son Chose It'

TV Ad 'Stan Had A Plan'

TV Ad 'Like Lenka, Go Big'

How Now are brilliant! They've smashed it out of the park with Maureen and Brenda. Feedback has been so positive. Great job team How Now!
Kelly Hailou, Marketing Director, Funeral Partners

Holding up a mirror to life and its quirks

One key insight repeatedly surfaced in our audience research - why is the sector all so sombre, dull or depressing? It's bad enough that it will eventually happen to all of us, so we said let's make planning for it something our audience could smile about. Take a look at the fun we had making the ads.

Behind The Scenes

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