Bob Live

Streamed across the globe, for Paramount.

How Now delivers multi-camera live stream to 20,000 strong global audience for Paramount

How Now provided an end to end, live streaming solution for Paramount Global town hall event - Bob Live. Our portable production unit set up onsite at MTV London headquarters to create a 90 minute programme involving panel discussions and a live audience Q&A.

Case Study

We rigged a multi-camera set up in the atrium of MTV. The production required 5 HD cameras, two with talent autocue, headset radio mics for talent, and handheld mics for roving audience interaction. 

The control room, which can be rigged up to 75m away from the presenting area, provides an expansive dual monitoring solution for the production team.

The programme included multiple VT (video tape) packages as well as on screen graphics, and opening and closing titles.

The programme was streamed live online to multiple territories, reaching over 20,000 viewers across the globe. 

How Now’s portable production unit is a one stop solution for live or recorded events. Quality, broadcast standard output, is now available within your budget. Talk to Phil Bolger at How Now about your next multi-camera event.

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