Safety first

Either safe at home, or at home in the office.

We can create fantastic content without filming.

We’re creating clip based content from footage we already have to hand, or that we’ve sourced from our creative partners. This means your brand can continue (or start) to make purposeful connections with your customers in these uncertain times. We’re also creating stunning motion graphics to tell these stories.

Need us to film? No problem, we can do that too.

We can now go out and capture content specifically produced for your brand under our Covid Safe Working Process. We’ve adapted our production process to maintain social distancing, to wear face coverings, and to keep the filming areas fully stocked with hand sanitiser. We’re also reducing the number of people on set and limiting the need for unnecessary contact.

How safe is it?

Our Covid Safe Working Process is part of the new normal we’re all having to follow. Our productions are no different. We’re operating Contact Tracing apps, or logging the data to keep a record of our production partners so we can all work with peace of mind, and a responsible approach to the situation.

Can I be part of the process?

Of course you can. Our agency is built on close, agile collaboration with our clients. We wouldn’t have it any other way, even under new normal conditions. This means you can be part of the creative process, on set where the fun stuff happens, and in the edit helping to bring the project to life.

What will it cost?

Our mission has always been to maximise your money, so your brand goes further. That hasn’t changed. We create award winning work because quality doesn't mean expensive. What is good for us, should be great for our clients.

This is how we make now.

Now more than ever, amazing content is key to credible brands. The eyes and ears of the world are more attuned to when brands get it really right, and really wrong. How Now propels your brand from ideation to execution quickly, safely. We’ve all been through a seismic shift in the way we operate. We’ve all had time to rethink our purpose, and reset our values. How your brand communicates now will determine where it is in the future.

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