It's more than just work.

At How Now, we believe in creating work that makes us all glow with pride. We believe in shaping the creative strategy so that your customers get closer to your brand, more quickly.

Why we exist

We didn’t just fall into it.

Every How Now’er is dedicated to the cause. And yes, we do believe our work is a cause. It’s a call to storycrafting, writing, and directing - creating work that we all believe in. Because who wants to collaborate with someone who just, ‘fell into it’?

We’d be honoured to bring our expertise and energy to your brand.

Who we are

Our (true) story.

How Now is a tight-knit company. We bring the best out in each other, and make damn sure that we have fun along the way. The company was founded in 2014 by Phil Bolger and Sacha Staiano, on a mission to bring clients closer to the creative, and to be part of the production.

Today we're a team of talented people who like to take a little advice from an artwork we have hanging in our office from the brilliant artist Anthony Burrill.

What we do

It's more than just work.

Our team of artistically-driven, reality-focused creatives, directors, and producers create moving images for broadcast, digital, OOH, and social. Your brand platform, campaign, or moment is fully supported, with content captured for every touch point.  

TV, VOD & OTT Commercials

We unleash brands to TV with effective, high production value campaigns – all around the world.

Sports Promos

There isn’t much this team don’t know about sport and how to put fans in front of fixtures.

Sizzles, Demos, Explainers, AGM Reels, New Business Pitches

Our sizzle reels are the stuff of legend, playing to decision makers across the globe.

Broadcast Promos

Our directors have created some of British TV’s most memorable campaigns for X Factor, Britain’s Got talent and Dancing On Ice.

Instagram, Social & YouTube

We create the freshest Stories and social video for some of the world’s biggest brands and sports stars.

TV News & Radio Brands

How Now creates TV, OOH and print campaigns for some of the UK’s leading TV News outlets including LBC and ITV News.

Channel & Sponsorship Idents

Our directors and producers have brought to life the award-winning ITV idents, and created sponsorship idents for numerous brands.


Our DRTV team are experts in high volume, precision marketing, direct response TV ads.

2D & 3D Motion Graphics

Our team of in-house graphic designers and illustrators take your brand expression beyond expectations, with fresh, pixel perfect design and creativity.

In-house Directors

Our directors are skilled artists - with one foot firmly grounded in realistic ambition, the other walking a tightrope of cutting-edge creative exploration.

Where we live

We’re equipped with integrated workflow partnerships for stereo and Dolby sound mix. We handle TV admin, taking care of Clearcast compliance, music and talent licensing, as well as delivery to any TV broadcaster and online publisher, in the UK and worldwide.

Our brand new office is located in Shoreditch, in London's east end.

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